About Celtic Digital Marketing

We are a small group of passionate individuals

Starting off with a handful of clients and just helping friends and friends of friends has led us to where we are today.

Celtic Digital marketing has one goal, to help others, we believe in living day to day using karma, what you put out into the world you get back.

we firmly believe by helping others achieve their goals and dreams it will allow us to do the same.

We want to help as many people as we can be successful in business.

What have we achieved so far? We have helped some smaller companies to get off the ground by expanding their business and also their client list.

One of the small business owners we were able to help was Marvin Taylor at Sports Massage Bridgend, he wanted to update his small HTML website into something that was user-friendly, easy to navigate and one that he could implement updates to.

His old website was not fit for a modern-day business, it was also expensive to maintain because he didn’t have the knowledge to make updates himself, it was also not responsive for mobile devices.

We were able to transform his website using a wordpress platform and give him follow up training which allowed him to make changes or updates whenever he wanted to.

Another small business we helped was Morgan Cleaning Services, a small domestic and commercial cleaning company based in Cardiff, Hayley didn’t have a website when she started her new business, again we implemented a wordpress platform so that she could make updates and changes as and when she needed to.

Within 6 weeks of her website going live Morgan Cleaning Services had gained over 30 clients, all directly from search engines, her website continually sends her a steady stream of clients.

One of the other businesses we helped was The Log Depot run by Martin Duffy. Martin already had a website which was built on a free platform, the website wasn’t fit for purpose, it was extremely hard to update and he wanted something that was not only looked professional but was also easy to update, again we implemented a wordpress platform for Martin so he could make changes at short notice.

We went a step further and helped Martin to secure the building of an adventure golf course at marsh farm, we designed and implemented a 3d rendered digital image for the project which secured the job for The Log Depot.


To develop long sustainable relationships with our clients in order to help them succeed.


To break down the technology barrier for companies that are unsure about what technology can do for them.


Live by karma, promise to do good every day by helping as many people as we can.


Not just deliver a service, but deliver a personal service with every bit of care and attention to detail that any business needs.


Our strength is in SEO (search engine optimization) and Digital Marketing, this is something we have been doing for a long time and is something we are really passionate about, we love the challenge Google and other search engines have set.

Nobody knows the secret recipe for getting a website top of the search engine rankings which is why we spend a huge amount of our time running test after test to find out their formula.

That being said we are also very good at web design, we always make sure that users experience comes first followed by industry standard and design principles.

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