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Applications come in various shapes and sizes, there are so many different forms of technology out there now that you can literally create any application you want for any purpose that you want, from ordering fast food to running your business.


Once an application has been built it still has to go through ongoing maintenance to make sure it still serves the purpose for which it was built, sometimes that may mean ongoing support from the person or company that developed it.


You may already have an application but need to extend it’s functionality, this can be tricky and costly if the code is not clearly implemented or if the correct documentation isn’t provided, this can lead to issues when you are upgrading or rewriting that code.


Let’s say you have a cleaning company that needs a custom diary for the day to running of the company but you cant find a reliable application to do exactly what you need, no problem you can have one built to your exact specifications.

Just look at companies like QuickBooks for example, they exist because people like us were looking for a better way to complete and store invoices, they solved that problem by providing a digital invoice creation and storage solution.


This can vary from as little as £100 to £50000 and beyond, there is a lot to consider when pricing for application development, you should think about things like what is the purpose of the application? how many people will be using it? How much will data will be consumed by it? the more in-depth the application the higher the cost will be.

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So you start off with a small cheap app but haven’t thought about how the app will be extended in the future, This is something that may have serious consequences if you do not consider it before the project starts.

Case study,

Let’s say you want to design a small app, you don’t think it will go out to more than 100 users, you have a small database that saves the data on shared hosting which gives you 1gb ram and 1 core processor, the requirements will probably be able to handle passing this small amount of data with no issues.

Then one day a some famous you tuber or social media guru promotes your application and you get 500 signups in one day, this is almost certain to crash your application because of data overload.


Planning is everything when you engage in any project within IT, making sure your application upgrades well can be critical to your business and can save you a fortune when you need it to be upgraded.

There are a number of cloud providers that will give you this flexibility.

  • Amazon Web Service (AWS)
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Adobe
  • VMware


Applications built within the cloud provide you with easy to use functionality, deploying applications and websites can be done at the click of a button, backing up and restoring also provides you with peace of mind due to it’s ease of use and this can save your business if disaster strikes.

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