How Can Celtic Digital Marketing Help You

by | Mar 1, 2022 | BLOG POSTS | 0 comments

What we do?

Our job is simple, we help businesses new and old find clients and sell products. The problem with having a website is that without promotion it sits there in the middle of nowhere waiting for someone to stumble upon it or for google to determine its worth pushing it up the rankings and showing it on googles web pages. Unfortunately so is everyone else in the world. lets give you an example.

As you see above buy pets returned 2.27 million results, that means if you are targeting that keyword you will have some serious competition. As a company we identify keywords that can help you find new clients for your business or increase sales for your store.

Google & Its Algorithm

Google has changed over the years and looks at websites differently. Businesses rarely use SEO & Marketing agencies like ours, most companies will build a website and never try and drive traffic, this is a mistake, but for you its an opportunity. Google changes it algorithm daily and it gets smarter with every update.

We research every update to help you and your business work with google to increase your ranking. In the past getting to the top of google was done using questionable techniques, google will penalise these websites now. This again presents opportunities.

Ready to make a change?

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