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Using keyword research will allow you to maximise the benefit of writing key content for your business, ensuring that when you publish content it is aimed at the right audience and answering the right questions, which makes your content useful and therefore shareable.


This is such an important part of any business strategy, all too often we see people writing content without a thought for how much traffic it could generate.  Content is king and you should write content that will help your audience, making sure your audience is asking the question that you are answering will help you generate traffic and also get your content shared.


Sometimes it’s not just about writing for certain audiences, sometimes it’s about looking for less competitive keywords.  We use industry-standard tools to help you find the keywords that nobody else has thought of.  The insurance industry is probably the hardest industry to rank in the search engines, this means it can take years and not months to get anywhere near the top of the SERP’s.  

What does this mean?  It means we have to get creative, we have to look for what you would call Long Tail Keywords.  E.G “Where can I buy Car insurance for a Ford”, now this is a great example of a long tail keyword, it might only get 5 searches per month compared to 5000 for “Insurance Company” but if you look at it closely chances are this is going to convert to a sale due to the specific nature of the search.  

Now if you did this for 10 Long Tail Keywords at 5 searches per month then you are looking at 50 potentially converting keyword searches per month, just times that by 10 and already you are at 500 all the while these keywords are more likely to convert.


Tracking your keywords in Google and other search engines can be tricky and expensive, but it’s like having a doctor sat by your side 24 x 7, why? because if your positions start dropping then you can take action before you lose all of your customers, trust me this can happen and we have a great story on this happening to one of our clients.  Luckily we were on hand to help and get the recovery started before the damage was permanent.  

Sometimes positions will fluctuate known as the Google dance, this is where the search engine cant make it’s mind up if you should be ranked or not, once this happens you can take action and make sure that Google decides that it’s you that should be ranked and not your competitors.

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