Search Engine Optimisation for Start-ups

New startups do not always have the budget to bring in a top SEO specialist or even hire an internal department to carry out SEO for them.  Having a big budget for your Search engine optimisation from the start may not actually work and end up hampering your business efforts.  There is plenty of success stories where new business SEO has helped a small business turn into a regional or national player.

All business should consider what they need in terms of Digital marketing Strategy, there is hundreds of methods and some suit new business and some don’t.  One of the things to think about is your competition, if you have a completely unique product then chances are that SEO might not be the best method of search engine marketing.  If you are about to embark on a journey that has massive competition the SEO might be a requirement.

SEO starts from the moment you create your business, generally you should have thought of this before you even created your business but not everybody gets the right advice before they start, this means they have to adapt quickly.  There is 2 types of Search Engine Optimisation,:


This should be adapted by everybody, failure to do this could see your business languish in the lower echelons of the search results (Serp’s).  You should be doing this as early as possible in the business life cycle, preferably before building the website and branding, this will allow you to plan the page structure of your website.  Once you have fully optimised your onpage strategy then you can start to work on phase 2 of SEO.


This one is where we would say about 80% of business fails, this is quite easily the most difficult of the types of SEO.  This requires time, budget, research, strategy and a very healthy amount of risk management.  Thankfully for us the risk management is not required as we only use white hat methods (safe) as opposed to Black hat SEO (end of business) the problem is that not all specialists will use white hat techniques and that is risky we don’t gamble with peoples business, sometimes that means slower results but quite frankly we believe doing things the right way will ensure we have a long successful partnership.



What Celtic Digital Marketing do for your new business is plan the best way possible to help you achieve your goals, we help you identify how much you should spend on SEO and what kind of ROI you can expect.  SEO requires a fair amount of realism and expectations, if you are a new company with a really small budget then trying to rank for a term like Insurance is simply not going to work and we would be very clear with you regarding this.  We only take on jobs where we know what your chances are before the start, we don’t want to waste your money as it would simply end our partnership, we get results that measurable so that you can see your hard earned money at work.