SEO for Charities and Not for Profits

We love to get involved and help share our expertise the the people that need it the most.

Digital marketing for Charities

SEO and Digital Marketing for Charities can seem like an expense that is not worth the effort, well this is an incorrect assumption.  Optimizing your website for your charity can help you gain benefits like exposure and exposure can mean donations.

We offer huge discounts for Charities and we can help no matter what the budget is.  Firstly for any charities we offer a free 1 day consultation where we can join you at your base and provide you with free SEO training, the reason we do this is that we think charity work is critical and we want to help any charities we can along our journey.

SEO and Digital Marketing for Charities

What you can get from SEO and Digital marketing

Local Businesses miss out on a lot of opportunities when they build a website, some think building a website means they will get traffic and don’t think of what Digital Marketing and SEO can do for them.

What we do is track everything, we use Google Analytics to check the health of our websites, this can tell you a lot about what you might be doing wrong or even reinforce what you are doing right.  We have noticed that we can help a lot of local charities improve their online presence by producing a free report of their website and just giving tips on how their site can gain additional benefits in the future.

Contact us today for more information

We will come and speak with you at your location and help point you in the right direction.

Free SEO advice for Charities

We understand that all companies have costs, we aim to help as many charities improve their donations and ultimately their revenue to ensure they are highly competitive and that they get what they need for their goal.

Whats included in the report

During the day we will sit down with your IT team and discuss a report that we will generate before we visit you, this will include an insight into your competition, how you can bridge the gap or increase the gap if you are already being successful.

Things we check for

  • Structure of your site
  • Structure of your pages
  • Social Media Presence
  • SEO and Marketing Tools