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Writing for SEO is important but it should always be secondary to writing for your customer or viewers, you will always get the benefits of SEO when providing outstanding quality for your viewers.  you need to make sure that when content is written it is written with purpose and that purpose is always to contribute to the internet and search engines.


Google and other search engines providers are using their algorithms to determine the best sources of information on the web and to list them higher than the average person that does not add value.  E-Commerce websites in most places are guilty of the same thing over and over, that is copying product descriptions.  This is a big mistake, unique descriptions are key and we recognise this.  All copy should be put through a plagiarism checker to make sure you have not accidentally written content that is similar to the content that already exists.


Plagiarism is a very big thing on the internet now and Googles’s algorithms are so much smarter than they were back in the early days.  Reading Google’s guidelines on duplicate content would be an eye-opener and give you a much better chance of surviving in a very competitive world.


It is an article that you would want your readers to view first, this would be the piece that you value the most, communicating your mission and your expertise in your field and demonstrating your knowledge.


This gives you the ability to rank well for a number of different or long tail keywords.


Google values authority over anything else on the web, Wikipedia is a great example and the reason they rank so well is that their content is curated by thousands of experts in the field, they rely on a citation for their edits and maintain outstanding quality for their content.


It’s easy to write a piece of content with no thought or reason for the person that will digest the information.  This is an issue for a lot of people and companies that develop content.

Why? should always be the first question when writing content, what problem is it going to solve?  Well let’s take this page for example,

Why are we writing this? Well to give you the reader knowledge on website content writing, of course, we know as a business that SEO is not very well known, we have dealt with clients that did not even know SEO existed and for that reason, we need to communicate the message and what benefits carrying out Search Engine Optimisation can bring to your business.

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