SEO and Digital Marketing

Search Engine Optimization 

Search Engine Optimization is a method used by individuals or agencies to get businesses to the top of google and other search engines, this is a very tough task as the search engines do not openly state what is required to get to the top of their search engines.

Why use SEO

This is an easy one, 42% of searches will click on the number 1 result, 11% will look at number 2 in the SERPs, a further 8% will click on the third result.  So lets evaluate this, using a keyword in the industry for a local town they have 320 searches per month for one keyword, that means on average 10 searches per day.  42% (4 per day) will click on the first result,  11%(1 per day) will click on the second result. 8% (about 2 every 2 days) will click on the third result.

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How do we manage to get people on the first page of google?  Well google and other search engines are still perfecting the fine art of getting people and information connected.  We look at what google wants and we ensure our clients give it to them.  It’s tried and tested and ask our clients if you don’t believe us.

SEO & Digital Marketing in Cardiff

What do you get when you ask for SEO?  Well this is a difficult one and its not a one size fits all solution, SEO varies wildly from customer to customer.  We provide a wide range of services, sometimes just monitoring your keywords in google can give you an indication if you are moving in the right direction.  We can monitor keywords on a 2 hourly basis or a 2 week basis, obviously the price will vary when doing this.  Keyword research is another part of SEO, we can research keywords for you and tell you how difficult they would be to get on page 1 of google and other search engines.

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SEO and why its needed for business

New companies are great and gauging how their business will do when they startup and then don’t factor in a budget for getting visible in the Search Engines.  For us we have seen so many startups and then get people contacting up asking why their brand spanking new website has not attracted a single visitor in 2 years.  The simple answer is always that you need to please the search engines to get people to find you.  We have strong beliefs that google and the likes give new websites a 6 month holiday period to give you a chance to develop and get visitors, this means when they find you they will share your business and then after that 6 months you are kind of on your own.  We have strong evidence of this.

So how can we help you in this situation, sometimes once you leave a website and don’t update your site regularly google thinks that you no longer need it and gradually stop even adding you to their search engine positions.  You can stop that by keeping your content fresh and relevant.

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What you get when you get SEO from us

Firstly we would come and see you and discuss your options with a full presentation with use cases from previous clients with their permission only.  Once we have done that we will setup your project with all the reports required for you to check your progress.  We will send you reports based on your requirements, some like them daily some like them weekly, some like them monthly.  You will get a recommendation for what content you should create when and how often.  We will configure analytics for you and if required help you implement it into your website with the assistance of your web developer, if you don’t have a developer we can help but fees for this would be extra as this is not covered in a basic SEO package.

What you don’t get when you get SEO from us

Website development, it is key to remember getting SEO is for us to help you get top of google, not to write content for you, its not to help you restructure your website, its to help you get it done with your developers, that is not to say we can’t do it, there is a lot or variables in play with developing websites and thats why we don’t include this in our SEO packages.  So please bear this in mind when weighing up SEO.

Why is SEO so expensive?

Another very simple question, SEO and Digital marketing specialists have years of experience, if you want to see how skilled an SEO specialist is just utter the words Panda, penguin or Pirate and watch them shudder with fear.  This is one of the fundamental reasons SEO is such a skilled craft, ensure you stay onside when events like the google algorithms come into force, it literally ended businesses overnight, it also made businesses overnight, if you had an SEO specialist that did things the right way when this happened you would have been singing and dancing in the streets, I don’t like to think of those that didn’t have an SEO specialist doing things the wrong way because we have seen the pain it caused some of our clients.  We only do things the right way.