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The main reason you would need SEO for a Cafe is local pack listings, google provide listings that show people on their map where your company is when searching for certain keywords.  Don’t underestimate this as it can be more valuable than being top of the organic listings.


Regional SEO works exactly like the local pack listings but on a wider scale, this is more difficult to achieve and requires a lot of investment in Local SEO to prove successful, if done right though this can be fantastic for the business as you will draw people in from further afield.


Nationwide SEO doesn’t always suit businesses and needs to have some considerations before you invest in this, a great example of when you might need this is franchising, if you plan to sell your business as a franchise this could be a great strategy.  This is also great if you are based in an area that attracts tourists and you want a portion of that traffic.


Some people would argue you don’t need SEO or digital marketing for a physical premises but we believe they couldn’t be more wrong.  Paying for any advertising is expensive and sometimes disappears as soon as you stop paying for it, with SEO in the right area it can be sustained for years on a low budget, this would give your business the best chance to survive and thrive.

Mobile traffic now makes up 50.7% of all web traffic, that is growing rapidly


Some websites claim to be mobile optimised and work on multiple devices, you check on a Samsung phone and it looks fantastic but then you buy an Iphone and to your horror  it looks dreadful and the buttons are not in the right place.  Google will know this site is not optimal by the users interactions, if a person comes to your website and then clicks back immediately because nothing worked they basically told google not to rank your site as it doesn’t work (this is known as bounce rate).

Your Samsung bounce rate might be 20% because people got to your site and used it as expected, that is pretty much a thumbs up to google.  Iphone users get to your site and you have a 90% bounce rate because they could not navigate you are in trouble as 90% of Iphone users told google your website is unusable.

It is really important for SEO that all of your users are able to use the site and tell google what a great site it is, we always aim for a maximum 50% bounce rate in the first instance, sometimes you can optimise further and get it down to 26% but it does depend on the user-base.


Firstly a website, if you haven’t got this you will have problems getting people to find your business online.  You need to have the ability to edit and add content on a daily basis (google values fresh valuable content).  You need the website to be easy to use (UX/UI), you need it to be quick enough for a user to navigate without waiting to load content. You need it to work well on all devices, mobile tablet laptop and desktop.

This is fundamental and if you do these things right you are halfway to making sure that you rank well for your business keyword.

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