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Reporting is a key part of any SEO strategy. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it, this is something that you will learn very quickly.  This should be the first thing you do with any SEO strategy, once you have carried out a thorough SEO audit you can start looking at steps and strategies.  With a good solid report, you can get your strategy right the first time and provide a solid foundation for your strategy, this will mean long-term success.

We use tools for a number of reasons but we only use tools to assist us, nothing can ever replace the high level of experience our specialists have.  The reason we use tools is quite simple, it saves time and thus money and we pass the savings on to you.

What a report will tell you:

  • On-page Keyword Usage – Does your content utilise the keyword targeted?
  • Content length and Quality – Do you have the right content length and quality?
  • Canonicalization/duplication of pages – Google hates duplicate content is this correctly managed?
  • Site Linking Structure – Are you using the correct linking strategy on pages?
  • Crawl errors – Is your site being seen by search engine spiders correctly?
  • Redirect chains
  • Page speed – How does your site respond to customers browsing?

This is just a small amount of things covered in a site checkup.

Fixing some of these issues can have a massive effect on your search engine rankings.

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