SEO Training Services for PR professionals & agencies

SEO & Digital Marketing training for Small business and PR departments, contact us and see what we have to offer.

If you employ a team of people to carry out your PR then you could benefit from SEO Training or SEO consultation.  PR is a great tool when it comes to Search Engine Optimization, PR and SEO do go hand in hand most of the time and making sure you are utilising the opportunities can make a huge difference to your bottom line.

Our training can help you understand the basics of SEO and Digital Marketing, we have and use tried and tested methods and can show you how to carry out tasks easily.  We only use clear language when training, this industry is littered with jargon, we make sure that everything you learn from us will be clear and concise.


We will cover:

  • The basics of a search engine
  • How good SEO can help PR (and vice versa!)
  • Content Creation and SEO, how they work together
  • Press coverage and how to utilise it with Digital marketing
  • Managing events and meetups and how it can benefit your strategy
  • SEO health check, spotting things that are not working
  • Best tools
  • The Do’s and Don’t of SEO


Our training is delivered by world-class SEO specialists with a wealth of experience.  We build our training courses for attendees that have zero experience in SEO and Digital Marketing, but we make sure it benefits those with a little experience.  We know that in life you never ever stop learning and it’s the same in this industry, we are open-minded and we also look for opportunities to learn from you.

With Digital Marketing you get back what you put in, but sometimes having the basic knowledge will put you on the right footing.

Contact us today for a chat to see what we can do for you.