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Here at Celtic Digital Marketing we know all too well what it is like as a new business, we were established in 2017 probably just like you and that means we have something in common, growth.  Thankfully for us we have been building websites for years and setting up our site was easy, this is not the same for other small businesses.  We want to help you get over that hurdle by helping you set up.  We offer great prices for websites and we offer a partnership as a service, we know once you have a website there is a lot involved and we can be there to offer you the help and advice you need to grow.


One of the best services for a small company that doesn’t have much of a budget, this is a small website with around 5 pages that just serves the purpose of being out there on the web.


Sometimes starting out with a big bang approach can have massive effects in the search engines, if you have the budget to put together a big website with 20+ pages you can see a huge result when launching the site.


This is the most expensive option for any startup, this is because there needs to be a lot more planning put into this type of website, this is likely to be 100+ pages minimum, a poorly planned e-commerce store can fail dramatically.


Because it puts you in front of customers, 89% of the UK used the internet during quarter 1 2017.  This means you have an advantage over your competitors.

Most businesses worry about the cost of websites and this is a scary thing, it is a little like going to a mechanic to get a car fixed, in the back of your mind you are wondering if you are paying the right price.  This makes pricing websites difficult, in our experience we have had quotes in the past that vary wildly for the same piece of work, this leads you to distrust the information you are being given, but unfortunately no two pieces of work are the same and there is sometimes more than one way to complete a project.  Sometimes you can create a 5 page website in a day, but have all the rules for SEO been followed?  Does the website comply with WC3?  If the answer to this in no then you might have had a cheaper deal but when it comes to your customers finding you then that small saving turns into a massive cost in terms of new business.  See the examples below:

Example 1 :  5 Page website that is built for £200 (Some offer these prices)

  1. Built in HTML and is very difficult to impossible to update
  2. Does not comply with WC3 Standards
  3. Little or no SEO carried out due to planning time
  4. Static, google hates websites that are not fresh and up to date

Google will give this a little boost as its a new website (Holiday period) then it will send the spiders to crawl the website again every few days, its going to see that this website has not changed since the last time it was looked at.  Gradually its going to send the spiders less until eventually it assumes that no new updates are expected.  This means the website is going to sit and wait for visitors to link to the site.  But if nobody is looking at the site then nobody is going to link to the website and its going to sit there in obscurity forever until you take action and rebuild it.

We don’t like building solid HTML sites because of the technical knowledge required to update it, we can always update it for you but this is an endless cycle and can turn a £200 website into a £2000 website and that does not help you grow.

Example 2 :  5 Page website that is built for £1000

  1. Built using a CMS like word-press
  2. Easy to update and add content
  3. Generally this meets the WC3 standards
  4. SEO is generally carried out during the build due to the ease of use

This is the best way to get a new website, the benefits of spending the extra money is massive, you can maintain the content easily due to the way a CMS is built.  from day one you will get the holiday period boost that google gives new websites.  The spiders will then crawl to see how often the site is updated.  if the site is being updated on a daily basis then it’s likely the crawlers will keep coming back.  This then tells google you are an active website and will rank you for the keywords you are writing about, this is likely to bring visitors and then in turn providing the content is fresh and quality then they will link to your site in forums and in communities and this pushes you further up the Search Engines and is going to give you the growth you need as a business.

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