Social Media Management

Social media is and should be a critical part of any business strategy, sharing valuable content can be the difference between success and failure.

Social Media Engagement

This is a split of devices that access one of our key clients, as you can see their traffic is coming mainly from social media, our client wanted to focus on only Search Engine Results but a social media campaign was tested and the results speak for themselves.

Social Media Campaign Cardiff

This is another report from a social media campaign in Cardiff, this increases brand awareness and gets people talking about your business.  If you have the product that everyone loves then you will be talked about and Social Media Presence accelerates this for you.

  • Facebook Likes

Facebook likes and shares

One of our clients has been looking at the positives of social media and wanted to see how to increase Facebook likes, this is always a difficult task and we explained that sometimes it’s not just about your brand, people on Facebook like to be entertained.  This means sharing entertaining content as well as branded content to ensure your audience do not get bored.

Social Media Marketing

We manage your social media for you, our specialists have massive experience in working with clients providing a brand-building social media experience for your customers.  Social Media Engagement for business builds trust and gives your customers insight into your business ethics, I use this fantastic example of this.  Recently we conducted an interview with one of our customer’s clients to find out why they chose our client.  They told us it was because they looked like a family run business and we didn’t want to give our money to a big company.  This company is the biggest in Cardiff but the social media presence and strategy is all about keeping the business all about family values.  This strategy has been highly successful and has led to a huge conversion rate of  44%.

What social media profiles small businesses use


Social Media Profiles

There are well over 70 social media platforms, as you can see on the left most companies just use Facebook and Twitter, this leaves an untapped market for the rest of us to take advantage of.  Some companies think just sending out content with no thought on times and schedules will get the results it needs.

Consider this, you are an insurance company targeting small businesses one man band companies, you send a tweet about a new low price service you can offer them, its likely to be on top of the twitter for around 5-10 minutes.  Assuming you send this at say 11:00am, where is this person likely to be?  Working hard without a second to look at his phone?  Now you send the same tweet at 6:30pm where is this person likely to be?  At home catching up with emails and social media.

This is what social media scheduling could be doing for you.

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