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This project is a completely unique project for us and doesn’t just involve website design, this is website design and website hosting and then there is graphic design that has been thrown into the mix.  We don’t just mean images for websites either.  This one is a very tricky one for us to navigate.  When we met Martin Duffy he was an enthusiastic entrepreneur from the Neath area in South Wales, he was looking for Web Design Services South Wales and thankfully come across us in google.

So starting off we decided to tackle the project in bite size chunks and decided to get started on the website, so what Martin wanted was a nice clean website that would showcase his work, Martin is passionate and we wanted to ensure that this come across in his website.  Logs and Wood is Martins business and we wanted to ensure his site had this identity when starting the build.

Once we got underway Martin had a piece of mind that he was going to get the website he wanted when we started early conversations although with this one we could see that his expectations were very high, with this we thought it was good idea to keep the final build under wraps and try and surprise him a little with the final result.  We planned to keep it completely under wraps but we had a meeting a day before go live and he couldn’t resist.  It was amazing for me to see his reaction to it, it was a real wow moment and he couldn’t believe the final result.  We are also delighted with how the project went, it was on time and on budget and Martin was over the moon.

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We decided again that WordPress would be a good platform for The Log Depot, this was for a number of reasons, first being ease of use and content creation, Martin feels he is not very technical.  He thought that he wouldn’t be able to do much work on the site, he wanted to have the site automate some of the content, we done this using a Facebook API and in fairness it has worked out well.  


So We have had the discussion about the platform and what is required to update content and Martin was a little unsure at first but after demonstrating the ease of use, he then decided to go ahead and try it to see how he got on.  Now he has the site which some of his content is coming straight from Facebook he is over the moon.  martin see’s social media as a great tool to promote his amazing product and in fairness its the personality that goes into the product he creates, his enthusiasm passion and need to please attitude, this is what I believe sells his website so well.


Initial meeting to gather information


Putting forward ideas to help Martin make key decisions about the product he wants


Finalize the design and sign off the final website