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Web design has moved on significantly in the last few years and while there are good web designers around there is also some designers still stuck in the old ways of designing websites, we have found that a number of companies in Pontypridd have websites that do not comply with Googles guidelines.  It is so important that you at least try and adhere to Googles guidelines to make sure you stay ahead of your competition, if you don’t then your competitors will.


Google publish webmaster guidelines to help you make sure that you are doing everything right, this will give you the advantage over your customers and help you gain favour in the search engines.  In case you are wondering what type of information is in Googles webmaster guidelines then this is a great place to start.

Firstly and in order of importance we found that having a responsive website is very important, what is a responsive website?  Well this is where your website looks good and functions correctly on any device, this is important because Google wants all websites to provide great information and more importantly provides a great UX (user experience).  In 2015 Google released an algorithm change that targeted sites that were responsive and gave them a boost in the search results.  This was called Mobilegeddon by some people within the SEO community.  You can test your website by going to Mobile Testing Tool .


Have you ever wondered what the green padlock is when you visit a website?

SSL Websites

This is to show that you are communicating with the website through a virtual tunnel and nobody can see what you are doing, this means anything you provide them will be private, things like credit card  and bank information will not be compromised.

Google released an algorithm change in 2014 that would make the SSL certification a ranking signal to protect users from having they information stolen, it’s a very good idea to make sure that you check that the green padlock is present when you communicate with any site.  As you can see we take privacy very serious and we have ensured that we are SSL encrypted.

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